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OptiTaxi - Tanie taxi Wrocław

Standard Kombi Comfort Minibus
Initial Charge:7zł
Per km (city/suburb):1,5zł / 2,4zł
Night, Saturdays and holidays:1,8 zł
Rush hours:1,9 zł
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Initial Charge:14zł
Per km (city/suburb):1,5zł / 2,4zł
Night, Saturdays and holidays:1,8 zł
Rush hours:1,9 zł
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Initial Charge:14zł
Per km (city/suburb):1,5zł / 2,4zł
Night, Saturdays and holidays:1,8 zł
Rush hours:1,9 zł
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Initial Charge:27zł
Per km (city/suburb):1,5zł / 2,4zł
Night, Saturdays and holidays:1,8 zł
Rush hours:1,9 zł
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Easy to use appliaction! Just select the starting and destination address, the car standard that suits you and within a few minutes the taxi will arrive at the indicated address.

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  • Order history, additional services, ability to select an address from the map
Our benefits

Wrocław, like any large city, has a complicated road infrastructure. It is a challenge for many drivers, even professional ones. However, it must be remembered that the city itself is attractive to people living in other regions of Poland. That is why every day on the streets of Wrocław you meet drivers from all over the country and even Europe. In such a situation, traffic jams often occur, which significantly extend the travel time. Anyone who has found themselves in such a situation at least once has often nervously checked the time and wondered whether they will be late for work or an important meeting. The main reason for traffic jams is that the roads in the agglomeration are not adapted to the traffic intensity. This state of affairs means that more and more people decide to leave their car at home and use public transport. Residents of Wrocław have buses and trams at their disposal. These means offer reduced travel times, but do not provide much comfort. An alternative to them is OptiTaxi - taxi Wrocław.

Professional driversOur drivers are well versed in the city, which allows you to reach your destination efficiently.
AvailabilityWe are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Clear rulesWe are THE ONLY COMPANY  to provide the exact cost of the trip when the passenger orders a taxi.
ComfortDynamic development allows us to keep up with the times and introduce new products to our offer to ensure comfort.



How much does a taxi cost in Wrocław?

The cost of OPTI travel in Wrocław is given in advance before the course. If the customer can specify addresses, the mobile application or dispatcher will recalculate the order when ordering.



How much does a taxi cost from the airport to the center of Wrocław?

The price of the transfer from the airport depends on the selected destination address in the center of Wrocław. The quote can be checked in the OPTI mobile application or call 608300500.

Can I order a taxi for a specific time?

A ride at OPTI can be booked in advance. Before ordering for a specific time, please indicate the arrival time in the application or inform the dispatcher. Requesting a ride in advance is subject to an additional fee.

How to order a taxi without a phone?

The order can be placed via the OPTI mobile application available on Android, iOS and Huawei devices.

Optitaxi Wrocław – a wide range of additional services

Although our specialty is cheap and safe passenger transport in Wrocław, Optitaxi's activities are not limited to classic taxis. Our specialty is not only a cheap taxi in Wrocław, but also a wide selection of additional services, perfectly tailored to your individual needs.

Taxi for companies

We provide cashless transport services for companies - order a taxi for employees or rent a taxi to quickly reach the contractor during rush hours.


Cargo taxi in Wrocław

Do you need a roomy and reliable car that will quickly transport larger luggage to the station, airport or to a new apartment? Choose Optitaxi Wrocław and enjoy the comfort of a professional luggage taxi.

Courier services – Optitaxi Wrocław

You can also use our services if you want to send a parcel using a courier company. We ensure immediate and safe delivery of parcels within Wrocław. With us, you decide how much you want to pay!

Safe taxi Wrocław – travel with Optitaxi

People who are interested in a cheap taxi to the airport in Wrocław or getting home quickly from a night out can count on not only inexpensive and efficient, but above all safe transport. We have a fleet of modern, comfortably equipped vehicles, and our drivers are specialists with many years of experience. During your trip, you can count on a friendly atmosphere, and if you are primarily interested in a cheap taxi in Wrocław, the price of our transport will also be a pleasant surprise for you.

Taxi Wrocław Główny – easy access from the railway station PKP

According to Central Statistical Office data from September 2022, Wrocław is the third city in Poland in terms of the number of inhabitants. The local Railway Station, located in the very center of the metropolis, serves tens of thousands of travelers from Poland and abroad every day. Optitaxi Wrocław is the most comfortable way to get around the city from the railway station and guarantees efficient arrival at the return train. In just 25 minutes we can get to Biskupin, which captivates with many attractions, such as the Centennial Hall, the Wrocław ZOO and the Japanese Garden. Our Taxi Wrocław Główny is also a proven way to reach the National Museum, which is located only a quarter of an hour from the railway station, or Panorama Racławicka, located only a 10-minute drive from the railway station.

Cheap taxi to the airport in Wrocław

The capital of Lower Silesia is also home to one of the largest and most important airports operating in our country. If you are interested in a cheap taxi to Wrocław Strachowice airport, order Optitaxi and fly safely with WRO to any city in Poland, Europe or the world. And if you have just landed or landed at the local airport and want to quickly reach your hotel or other destination, our Wrocław taxi is the best way to quickly and cheaply travel through the city of a hundred bridges!

Taxi Wrocław – a convenient alternative for MPK

There is modern public transport in Wrocław, but even despite constantly expanding the scope of its services, MPK still does not reach many places. This applies especially to newly built housing estates in districts such as Maślice, Stablowice and other, especially western, areas of the city. Even if a bus or tram reaches the place you are interested in, the frequency and travel time usually leave a lot to be desired. When it often takes over an hour to get from the outskirts of the city to the center, a cheap taxi in Wrocław turns out to be the best choice. With Optitaxi, you can cover the same distance in just a few minutes, forgetting about transfers, having to buy tickets or adapting your plans to the MPK timetable.

Cheap taxi Wrocław – forget about parking problems!

A major problem in Wrocław, but also in many other large cities, is the lack of parking spaces, which makes it much more difficult for drivers to move around the metropolis. Although there are city parking lots in many locations, finding a free space there turns out to be a much more difficult challenge. The high prices for each hour of parking in Wrocław are also important. When it comes to taxi Wrocław, the price of the course may be a small fraction of the cost of leaving the car in the city center for a few hours. At the same time, you don't have to worry about where to park your car, because our drivers will take you to your destination.

A weekend city break around Wrocław? Choose Opti Taxi!

Wrocław is recommended for a weekend! The capital of Lower Silesia offers a lot of attractions. If you are looking for a way to explore the city in comfort, take a taxi at the main station or any other place and experience unforgettable emotions while visiting the most important places in the city from the inside of our modern, comfortable and affordable taxi.

Are you looking for a cheap and safe taxi in Wrocław? Choose Optitaxi! With us, before the course starts, you learn its cost and you are guaranteed a fixed price that will not change. Order a taxi now and discover the solution to the cheapest and most comfortable travel around the capital of Lower Silesia.

By taking advantage of the extensive OptiTaxi offer, your movement around Wrocław will become easier. For our drivers, it does not matter whether you booked your trip during rush hours or at night. You will always find the right class of car for you, which will complete the course and take you to the indicated address. We care about the highest level of service, which is why we carefully select drivers to cooperate with. We are sure that customers using our services will be satisfied. When placing an order for a taxi in Wrocław, you will immediately receive information about the exact amount to pay for the service. We do not charge any additional costs if the customer does not change the previously agreed addresses along the way.