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Taksówka miejska
Base Rate

4 zł

Minimum fee (up to 5 km)

15 zł

24 / 7

2 zł / km

Rush hour

15 zł / km

Taksówka hybrydowa
Base Rate

13 zł

Minimum fee (up to 5 km)

24 zł

24 / 7

2 zł / km

Rush hour

2 zł / km

Taxi - limuzyna
Base Rate

10 zł

Minimum fee (up to 5 km)

21 zł

24 / 7

2 zł / km

Rush hour

2 zł / km

Taxi - SUV
Base Rate

23 zł

Minimum fee (up to 5 km)

34 zł

24 / 7

2 zł / km

Rush hour

2 zł / km

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Taksówka warszawska - aplikacja na telefon"

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Our app is easy and very comfortable to use. Just choose your pick up point address and the address you need to arrive at. Choose a cab you like and just in a few minutes the cab driver will be at the address you have chosen.

Key features:


Quick booking of the cab you need.


Serving in a timely and reliable manner.


Calculation of the total price in the app.


History of your bookings, additional services, choosing an address on our map of the city.

Available on the website:

This app is available for Android and iOS smartphones. The quotes of prices, rates, vehicles here is subject to change.

Lost your things?

Have you left anything in one of our cab?

Don’t panic! We keep all the lost things safe. Just follow three simple steps:

Try to remember when you lost your things

Email or call us

Come to our office and get your things in the “Lost and Found”

We value our clients- that’s why we provide quality services ☺

Call Us 608 300 500

Download application „OTaxi – Taksówka Online” on your mobile phone and give our taxis a go! You can now order a cheap taxi in Wrocław in just a few seconds! Software which we have created is very intuitive. First, you need to enter the initial address, followed by the target one. The next step will lead you to the selection of standard car which will be
closest to your preference. Once the order is sent through, the taxi will arrive to pick you up in several minutes. Why it is worth it to use the application on your mobile phone? The reservation process takes almost no time at all, the taxi arrives to the indicated address at the time selected by you, upon selecting the order the system will indicate the precise price for the trip, you gain access to the history of your orders, several additional services and a choice of address indication directly on the map. Holders of Android and iOS system devices are welcome to use the OTaxi application.

Did you leave something behind in our taxi?

You think you lost something important to you in one of our taxis? Don’t despair! If this indeed happened, you will surely get it back. OPTITAXI drivers do a thorough check of the car interior after each ride and any lost and found items are placed in our office. In order to have an item returned to you, all it takes is the following three steps:
1. Try to remember the date and time of your trip with us.
2. Contact our employee by phone or through email.
3. Go to our office.

Wrocław, like any other large city, has a complicated road infrastructure. It is quite a challenge for the drivers, even the professional ones. It is however worth remembering that the city is quite an attraction for the inhabitants of other regions of Poland. Therefore, each day, you may meet drivers from all over the country and from abroad on the streets of Wrocław. This often leads to the occurrence of traffic jams which may to a large extent prolong the journey time. Everyone who was in such a situation at least one discovered that he would be looking nervously at a watch and thinking if this would mean being late for work or for an important meeting.

The main reason behind traffic jams is lack of adjustment of city streets to the intensification of traffic. Such a state of affairs leads to more and more commuters deciding to leave their cars at home and select a public means of transport instead. Inhabitants of Wrocław have buses and trams at their disposal to do this. These public means shorten the time of journey, however, they do not provide a great comfort of it. An alternative for them is OPTITAXI-Wrocław taxi. The company continuously adjusts its approach to its clients which is visible in i.e. The possibility of selecting the car which will be used for the given ride. The personnel does not need to use the navigation to swiftly evade traffic jams on the main streets, therefore, this provides a guarantee of getting to a designated target place on time.

If you avail of the comprehensive offer of OPTITAXI, you can be sure that your commuting around Wrocław becomes easier. Our drivers don’t mind your changing the destination in rash hours or at night. You will always be able to find the right tariff according to which your journey will be realized and which will take you to the designated address. We deeply care about the highest level of our services, therefore, we carefully select the drivers we cooperate with. We are certain that all Clients who use our services will be satisfied. Upon making an order for a taxi in Wrocław you will straight away receive an information about the exact amount to be paid for this service. We do not charge any additional costs.

If you care for a fast and smooth journey, use our services. We work 24 hours a day, all days a week. There are four versions of tariffs in our offer: standard, combi, business and minibus. This division makes it possible to adjust the transport to your preferences. Our mobile application „OTaxi – Taksówka Online” is available on Android and iOS platform thanks to which you will not have to search for a number to the Wrocław taxi. Using our software is very simple and makes it possible to
avail of additional services.

I 24/7 days a week 4 zł 2 zł
II Trip to peak hours from Monday to Friday: from 7:00 to 10:00 and from 16:00 to 19:00 4 zł 2 zł
HATCHBACK If you book a Hatchback or when your baggage is bigger than the trunk of Standard taxicab 10 zł
COMFORT ONLY if you book a comfort cab 7 zł
MINIBUS If you book a minibus or if there are four passangers in the cab and the client didn’t inform about the fact while booking a cab 20 zł
Baby chair 10 zł
Pets 10 zł
Shopping in I zone 30 zł
Starting the car 25 zł
Car towning (+ taximeter) 8 zł( x 2 )
Charges for the cab’s damage 250 zł
Driver taximeter x 3

Price list for companies